Анализатор антенн KVE520C - прокат 750 руб.
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Анализатор антенн KVE520C - прокат

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Vector Color Graphic KVE520 Antenna analyzer SWR  VU Radio Amateur Radio HAM Radio



Features and Functions: The KVE520 breaks the size barrier for RF-analyzers by delivering user-friendly  convenience, top-notch accuracy, and a vivid TFT multi-color display in an ultra-compact package. Although small in size, the KVE520 is loaded with a great selection of Single- Frequency and Swept-Frequency VNA functions.
 Use the Single-Frequency mode to view Standing Wave Ratio (SWR), Resistance (R), Reactance (X), and Local Interference levels (S) simultaneously on a high-resolution analog bar-graph display. High-accuracy numerical values for SWR, R, X, and Impedance  Magnitude (Z) appear on the same display. This mode also  allows you to use your analyzer as a precision signal generator.
 Use the Scan-Frequency Mode to graphically plot SWR, R, X, and Z. All four plots are captured as a sequence of sharply defined color graphs. Simply toggle through each screen for a complete visual analysis. There's also a tunable marker on each screen you can use to call up precise numerical values for SWR, R, X, and Z at any point along the plot. The KVE520 has internal memory, so there's no need to worry about lost data -- if you turn your unit off, the last measurement will still be there when you turn it on again.
The KVE520 is continuously tunable from 133-177  195-280  395-520 MHz with 100-Hz resolution and a wide range of tuning steps and scan widths for shaping your plots. The advanced DDS stimulus generator delivers rock-solid stability, smooth skip-free tuning, and a powerful +5 dBm test signal that overrides most strong local interference. There's also a built-in Field-
Strength Indicator to warn when high interference levels are present.
 Best of all, you can forget about swapping out dead batteries, working around NiCd cell memory, or hunting for lost wall  chargers because the KVE520's long-running lithium-polymer power source is built right in. Simply connect to any available 
USB port on your computer or USB wall charger to recharge. A built-in smart-charger with LED status monitoring let's you know when the analyzer is ready to go.
 Once you're up and running, you'll quickly discover the KVE520 has many user-friendly features including soft-menu labeling  for the command keys and a built-in 8-page Help Menu. Don't forget to personalize the KVE Antenna Analyzer Boot Screen by  entering your call letters or name.
1 Display and protective glass: Sharp Transflective TFT, 1600 million color, QVGA. Mitsubishi hardened scratch resistant acrylic protective lenses.
2 VSWR 1.00 ­ 99.99
3 Frequency range :0.5­60MHz
4 Frequency stability: <5PPM 
5 Frequency Step: Min 100Hz / step
6 Output Level: 5dbm (based on 14MHz Test)
7 Scan width: 300K/600K/1.2M/2.4M/6M/12M/24M/48M
8 Scan Step: 1KHz/2KHz/4KHz/8KHz/20KHz/40KHz/80KHz/160KHz
9 impedance resistor reactance range :0.1­999.9 ohms
10 Power Supply: 3.7V 1800mAH lithium polymer (standard built­in)
11 Charging power supply: Micro USB standard connector (must ensure that the output voltage is DC 5.0­5.5V, and the current 
 output capacity> 500mA)
12 Charge indicator: Hidden (when not charging)
(there are three instructions state: 1, charging (red) 2, charging is completed (green) 3, charging fault (flashing))




Скачать инструкцию: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0lWXztcPRxRNkJMMmtwT215STg/edit?usp=sharing



Анализатор антенн KVE520C - прокат
Анализатор антенн KVE520C - прокат
Анализатор антенн KVE520C - прокат
Анализатор антенн KVE520C - прокат
Анализатор антенн KVE520C - прокат
Анализатор антенн KVE520C - прокат
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